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The rules and regulations at XL Soccer World have been devised with simplicity, continuity, and enjoyment in mind. Apart from some necessary modifications, they are the same as FIFA rules used worldwide in outdoor soccer. The following exceptions apply:


1.  All players must sign the XL Soccer World Waiver Exclusion Clause and be assigned to the team roster with an active membership.

2.  Participation in the XL Soccer World is entirely at the player’s risk, and we accept no responsibility for any direct or consequential loss, damage, or injury.

3.  Teams will consist of five (5) field players plus one (1) goalkeeper – i.e. 6 vs. 6.

4.  The minimum number of players to start a game is four (4). A team with insufficient players after five (5) minutes from the scheduled game time will forfeit the game. The referee, at his discretion, may allow additional time for players to arrive.

A team with insufficient players may pick up players registered with XL Soccer World, only if agreeable with the opposing team. Any team fielding non-registered players without prior permission from XL Soccer World will be subject to forfeit.

5.  Game times will be two (2) twenty-three minute halves. A two (2) minute break will be allowed at half time.

6.  All players must wear indoor shoes or sneakers. No molded cleats or studded cleats will be allowed.

7.  Shin guards are mandatory for all youth leagues and are strongly recommended for adult leagues. 

8.  In case of conflict of uniform color, the home team will be responsible for changing.

9.  The home team is responsible for the game ball.

10.  Only team players and up to three (3) coaches are allowed on the player’s side during the games.

11.  Team standings will be based on the following point system:



3 points:1 point: 0 point

Ties in standing will be broken by:

a.) Head to head results b.) Most wins c.) Goal differential d.) Most goals scored e.) Least goals scored against


12.  Forfeit games will be treated as a 4-0 win/loss.

13.  Protests will not be allowed on a referee’s decision. NOTE: The referees at XL Soccer World do the very best they can. Due to the nature of the game, speed of the game, angles, etc., they will miss some calls. It’s inevitable. They do not need any verbal or physical abuse from the players, coaches, or fans. Please do not complain to the concessions staff about the referee’s decisions. Constructive comments will be handled by the Office Staff weekdays at 919-859-2997 or by emailing

14.  Adult coed teams, at the least, must either have one (1) female player or one (1) male player over 50 years old on the field at all times or play with one player less on the field than the opposing team, if neither a female player nor a male player over the age of 50 years is on the court. Failure to follow this rule will result in a forfeit loss against the offending team.


1.    The home team will kick-off at the start of the game.

2.    On kick-off, the ball may be played forward or backward.

3.    All kicks, except the kick-off and goal kick, are direct and may result in a goal.

4.    On a free kick or kick-in, the attacking team may take the kick as soon as the ball has been spotted at the correct place on the field.

5.    When a free kick, kick-in or a kick-off is being taken, the defending team, without summons from the referee, must take a position at least three (3) yards from the ball. Failure to do so will result in a two (2) minute penalty.

6.    The offside rule is NOT in effect.

7.    Field players may not slide tackle. Slide tackling will result in a free kick and a yellow card/two (2) minute penalty against the offending player.

8.    Slide tackling is legal by the goalkeeper only and must be initiated from within the penalty area. Outside the penalty box, the goalkeeper becomes an additional field player and may not slide tackle. Violations will result in a yellow card (2 minute penalty) and a free kick for the opposing team from the point of the foul. A field player will be designated by the coach or the team captain to serve the yellow card (2 minute) penalty in place of the goalkeeper.

9.    Free substitution is allowed on the fly as the game is in progress. The player must be off the field before the substitute comes on. Infringements will result in a two-minute penalty and a free kick from the offending team’s (dot in the) defensive line.

10.  If the ball gets jammed or lodged between players against the boards, if the game had to be stopped for an injury or if the referee cannot determine possession after a restart, the referee may award a drop ball at his/her discretion.

11.  The ball may be passed back to the goalkeeper by a field player and the goalkeeper may pick the ball up with his hands if the ball is inside the goalkeeper area. A goalkeeper may retain possession of the ball for a period of five (5) seconds. A violation (wasting time) will result in a free kick for the opposing team from the defensive area line.

12.  Three line violation: Kicking the ball over the three lines (defensive line, center line and opposite defensive line) in the air, without touching a player, the field, or the boards. A three-line violation results in a direct free kick for the opposing team. The free kick will be taken from the (dot in the) defensive area line of the offending team. The offending team is allowed to place a wall on the short line with the dot, located three (3) yards away from the defensive area line, between the defensive area line and their own goal.

13.  Ball touches the end line netting: a. Defensive player kicks the ball over the tall

boards – results in a free kick from the (white dot in the) defensive area line, for the attacking team.

B. Attacking player kicks the ball over the tall boards on the defending team’s end – results in a goal kick for the defending team.

14.  Ball touches the side netting: When a player kicks the ball into the net over the short boards the ball is considered out of play. The team that did not touch the ball last before the ball touched the net will restart the game with a direct kick, to be taken three (3) feet from the boards nearest the point of contact.

15.  Ball touches the top netting:


A. Defender kicks the ball to the top netting in the defensive third - results in a direct free kick for the attacking team from the defensive area line of the defending team, at the white dot.

B. Attacking player kicks the ball to the top netting in the offensive third – results in a goal kick for the defending team.

C. Player kicks the ball to the top netting in the middle of the field – results in a direct free kick below the point of contact for the opposing team.

16.  Yellow Card/Two (2) minute penalty: A player is cautioned and shown a yellow card and has to leave the field of play for two (2) minutes. The team will play down a player for the entire two (2) minutes. (This also includes players who may be cautioned whilst a substitute) The following offenses could incur a yellow card: (i) Unsporting behavior: Multiple slide tackles/slides, boarding, rough play, taunting (by word or action).

(ii) Dissent by word or action. (iii) Persistent Infringements. (iv) Delaying the restart of play / Failing to respect the required distance when restarting.

* Depending on the nature of the foul and the game, the referee can give a player a two (2) minute warning/break allowing the team to substitute.

17.  Red Card/Five (5) minute penalty: A player or substitute who is sent off will leave the field of play for the remainder of the game and his/her team will play down a man for five (5) minutes, if s/he commits any of the following offenses: (1) Serious foul play: Violent boarding, tackles from behind with no intention to play the ball, elbows.

(ii) Violent conduct: Fighting, provoking a fight, striking or hitting an opponent with or without an object, spitting at an opponent.

(Hi) Denying the opposing team a goal or clear goal scoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball.

(iv) Denying the opposing team a goal or clear goal scoring opportunity by committing an offense that would warrant a free kick or penalty kick.

(v) Receiving two (2) yellow cards.

Red-carded players will not be allowed to play that night in any other league and players may be suspended for the next game. A player receiving two red cards may be suspended for the next season with the possible expulsion from the facility. This decision is under the jurisdiction of the management at XL Soccer World.


The concession staff is there for the purpose of serving refreshments to our clients, taking registrations and payments. Any complaints regarding schedules, the result of a game, referees, etc must be taken up with the Office Staff. Please call the office on weekdays at (919) 859-2997 or email

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